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We are a small, dynamic, award winning creative agency based in the heart of England. Our passion is design development for the outdoor sports market, be it product, graphics or digital media. We thrive on surpassing our clients’ expectations, delivering innovative and meaningful proposals that ultimately become unprecedented marketplace category winners.

We are here to help you rise above the competition…

Past & Present

We have worked globally within highly experienced teams as creative specialists, trusted by some of the world’s leading brands. Our award winning work has helped to build and sustain market leadership for our clients across a diverse range of market categories and sectors.

We believe that our success comes from our ability to quickly establish the things that can make a difference to your business.

Brands we have worked with

Awards & Accolades

Over the past decade our creative team has been awarded numerous highly sought after accolades from trade associations and consumers from all corners of the globe.

Our commendations not only help justify our approach and validate the quality of our proposals but they also help our clients to fulfil their ambitions, gaining market leadership.

Awards to date

Unique, meaningful


Hard Products

Hard Goods

Our hard goods design team possesses the knowledge and skills to take initial sketch concepts right through to production ready 3D CAD data on short lead times. Proposals begin by identifying new opportunities which then influence the writing of a focused design brief that help us to rapidly progress to concept generation. From these concepts our team can then draft supplier design specifications.

By blending our incredible design detailing harmoniously with our substantial understanding of materials and manufacturing processes we are able to deliver new product directions and a unique design language for our clients to own.

Soft Products

Soft Goods

Defining, designing and creating cut & sew proposals requires an understanding of fabric construction techniques, material selection and the identification of key fashion trends.

We have amassed a wealth of experience in this field ranging from unique luggage items to specialist outdoor waterproof garments. Whether your requirements are fashion driven or function driven, we have a team of designers capable of fulfilling all of your aspirations.

Soft Products

Electronic Goods

Over the past decade our highly creative team have provided our clients with a variety of consumer goods ranging from electronic bite detection apparatus to digital cameras, mobile phones and MP3 players.

We are able to accommodate a vast range of aspirations in product design - defining design briefs, design trend forecasting, conceptual proposals, design direction, product language or simply getting a product to market, we’d be delighted to hear from you to discuss where you would like to go.



By contributing as leading industrial design experts we understand that the packaging a product is presented in, can be as important as the product itself.

Often the focal point in-store, the importance of this selling tool should never be ignored. We have produced a vast array of packaging solutions utilising a variety of manufacturing techniques in many different materials to deliver consumer ready, in-store POS that optimises the selling capabilities of your product.

Bold, structured


Corporate Literature


We know what makes a brand tick. We understand how to communicate your ethos and your passion to your customers. We focus on what makes you unique, proactively engaging your customers so that they form a positive relationship with your brand and your products.

Our approach to corporate literature blends bold creativity with intellectual design structuring to inspire your customers.

Corporate Identity


When creating any form of corporate identity the most important factor in delivering a true signature mark is a deep understanding of your companies aspirations

By understanding the who, what, when, where, why and how of your brand we can align these values and aspirations with our unique concepts, to deliver a powerful representation of your brand.



By understanding your brand guidelines and aspirations we can deliver key advertising material to your publication houses or internet service providers.

When producing any form of advertising material the message you wish to deliver is always key, as is brand identity and design format consistency. We can help you realise the potential of advertising by correctly aligning it with your commercial goals and the needs of your consumers and trade partners.

Engaging, powerful


In-Situ Photoshoots
Studio Photoshoots
Action Photoshoots


Our experience in designing outstanding products affords us a deep understanding of how to showcase your portfolio of products, through studio and on location photography. This brand specific imagery will provide you with an unprecedented visual library for any promotional material your brand requires.

Our creative art direction will provide you with a vast selection of photographs all tailored to work in harmony with your typography and corporate literature formats.

Hidden Waters Video


Cinematic art direction is the key element for effectively delivering your story and brand personality to your customers, especially in feature length productions. We can take your story to the next level ensuring all of your brand and product values are honoured through engaging visual narrative and high-end production values.

We are able to assist in on-location production and post–production of this material to help you generate the promotional films required for 21st century media.


Perhaps the most influential medium of your brand is your website. It is the first point of call for any inquisitive customer, client, supplier and competitor alike so it is essential that your website is perfectly aligned to your brand aspirations.

We build websites that are engaging and powerful, delivering an accurate representation of your brand and portfolio to any third party.

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